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Full Art **FOIL** Dual Lands (1 of each) Custom Altered Playtest Cards

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Full Art **FOIL** Dual Lands (1 of each). We own the copyrights of all artworks and symbols used on these lands. They are commissioned or licenced arts exclusively for our company.

What is included:
1 x Underground Sea
1 x Taiga
1 x Volcanic Island
1 x Tundra
1 x Tropical Island
1 x Bayou
1 x Savannah
1 x Badlands
1 x Plateau
1 x Scrublands

All cards are mint condition. Perfect for play testing, Commander, Cube, casual play and proxy tournaments. Cards are standard size and same thickness as MTG cards.

NOT for use in tournaments.

Please note that cards are generic unbranded. The back side features another art and the text "Playtest Card".

Great to use in casual games of Commander, Tiny Leader and Cube Drafts.

They are NOT stickers on top of mtg cards NOR hand painted.

We ship Worldwide

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