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Plains #27 Foil Extended

Plains #27 Foil Extended

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Exclusive design for GnD Cards
by Ihor Reshetnikov.

Our brand new lands, using ORIGINAL foil basic lands and with
a lot of work here is the result. These don't stand out from the other
cards in a sleeved deck.
They can pass any judge test and they are 100% Tournament Legal.
*** Approved by the head judge of GP Copenhagen as tournament legal. We gave to 10 judges(L1,L2,L3) of different countries 1 textless and 1 S-type land to examine it and tell us if they would allow it.
 80% said they would allow it, if we exclude L1 who only judge fnm's and local store events then we have an impressive 90% who said the lands are tournament legal.***
***Different judges may have different opinions.

1x Foil Extended Textless Custom Full Art Basic Land.

This land is an AUTHENTIC FOIL MTG LAND that
has a layer of a digital printed transparency mounted on it.
It can be used in tournaments since its an authentic MTG foil land
that has been altered for aesthetic enjoyment.


The process for making these lands takes a lot of time
and precision to the millimetre.

We ship Worldwide and accept Paypal only.
We ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.

Latest DCI Policy on Tournament Legality: 
### Effective July 1, 2009
### Section 3.3 Authorized Cards:
### Artistic modifications are acceptable, provided that the modifications do not make
the card unrecognizable or contain substantial strategic advice.
### The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable cards for a tournament.

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